Jan. 26, 2023, 2:00PM MDT  —  Lingle, WY

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Valley Video Hay consistently offers premium hay from Wyoming and Western Nebraska. Offering over 5000 tons of Ranch and Dairy Hay. Selling as a Superior Timed Auction. The auction begins closing at 2:00 MT. For more information contact Valley Video Hay Markets at (888) 935-3633.
PO Box 634, Lingle, WY 82223 USA
Contact Number 800-431-4452
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ATTENTION! TERMS $1000 per load deposit is required at the time of sale. Deposit will be credited with shipment and payment on a per load basis. Buyer is expected to arrange for hauling/delivery of hay purchased within 30 days of purchase. If hay is not picked up within 30 days, arrangements must be made and approved by both hay sale management and seller. If no such approval is obtained, and hay is not picked up within the required 30 day period, the deposit will be forfeited and hay will be put back on market. If Buyer defaults, he will forfeit his down payment. Seller shall be responsible to load the same stack as represented on the sale. Hay needs to be in the same condition as represented on the sale contract, when loaded on the truck. Seller is responsible for checking for excessive moisture in hay; brown or tobacco color hay from excessive moisture in bale, shall not be loaded and hay condition must be reported to the Sale Representative and Buyer. The sale of that lot will be terminated. If said hay is loaded and sent to Buyer, the Seller will be responsible of all costs of the rejected hay, including freight. Seller is responsible for providing loading on to buyer’s truck. Seller is also responsible for arranging and paying for weighing on certified truck scale. These weigh tickets are the settlement weights that will be used for settlement for both seller and buyer. Buyer is welcome to reweigh hay at destination, but weights will have no effect on settlement and should not be forwarded to Valley Video Hay Markets. Buyer PAYMENTS Valley Video Hay Markets LLC, expect to receive payment in full for hay sales within 7 days of invoice date. Buyers that are unable to deliver payments within the required 7 day period, may be assessed a late payment fee of 18% on balance. Seller PAYMENTS Valley Video Hay Markets LLC will pay hay sellers in full for hay purchases within 7 days of receiving the scale tickets. Valley Video Hay Markets makes every effort to represent hay properly however; no guarantee is made on RFV test. Wide variations are possible between test samples and different labs; our RFV Tests should be used as a guide only. All printed information regarding this sale is merely a guide, subject to change and neither the Auction Company, Seller, nor Publisher shall be liable for any errors during this sale. The speed of your internet connection is key to the success of placing your bids at the price you intended to bid. The audio feed you hear may be behind the price in the bid button. Please use the visual price in the bid button as your guide. It is as close to real time as we can achieve. We recommend you Click To Bid to the on-screen price when bidding instead of relying on the auctioneer's voice. We also recommend you bid early on your lot as we have asked the auctioneer to give us a few more seconds at the end of each lot to let you bid one more time. If you typically experience slow download times with your internet connection this may not be the best way to bid. If you have a slow internet connection, dial up connection or have satellite internet we recommend you watch the sale on the internet and call in your bids to the phone bank.


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