May. 15, 2021, 2:00PM CST  —  Des Moines, IA

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Select Gelding Sale. Offering select Five Star Geldings plus outstanding consignment horses. There will be an assortment of reining, roping, barrel, trail, cutting, ranch and pleasure horses.
Iowa State Fairgrounds, Des Moines, IA 50317 USA
Contact Number 800-431-4452
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Lot 1 - Banking On Chex (Magnum)

SIRE: Helluva Chex
DAM: Quitaque Cutie

Lot 2 - Little Smokin Eagle (Eagle)

SIRE: Mark Of An Eagle
DAM: CBS Otties Lil Snow

Lot 3 - Alcalde Chex (Chief)

SIRE: Gunslingin Chic
DAM: Lotsa Chex To Cash

Lot 4 - Einsteins Finest Kid (Elvis)

SIRE: Einsteins Revolution
DAM: Sdr The Finest Kid

Lot 5 - Cowboys Stylin A 546 (Steak Sauce)

SIRE: Peptos Stylin Cowboy
DAM: Wranglers Stylish

Lot 6 - Ima Smart One Time (Hector)

SIRE: One Time Pepto
DAM: Above Smart Lil Lena

Lot 7 - Tinseltowns Red Hot (Sizzler)

SIRE: Hollywoodstinseltown
DAM: Red Hot Footwork

Lot 8 - Jon Denver

SIRE: Metallic Cat
DAM: Stylish Baby Doll

Lot 9 - Ah Flashinbydsign (Sharpie)

SIRE: Rip Cord Flash
DAM: Yo Hancock By Design

Lot 10 - King Smart Lil Lena (Meeko)

SIRE: Dandee Little Smarty
DAM: Ms King Fancy Red

Lot 11 - Gentlemans Whizkey (Bourbon)

SIRE: Whizkey N Diamonds
DAM: SS Rosa

Lot 12 - RR Okie Jetblue (Ringo)

SIRE: Mr Okie Poco
DAM: Cxb Sugarpine In Blu

Lot 13 - Texas Saturday Nite (Wimpy)

SIRE: Gunners Nite Moves
DAM: Little Step Of Texas

Lot 14 - Swr Whoz Yer Daddy (Twix)

SIRE: Shining Gallo
DAM: Shooters Red Rock

Lot 15 - Cqh Poco Hancock (Gonzo)

SIRE: Cowboy Eddie Hancock
DAM: Rachel Bar Blackburn

Lot 16 - Gll Magic Cat (Bullseye)

SIRE: Cant Kick This Cat
DAM: Red Buck Magic

Lot 17 - Rc Fancy Trash (Lucchese)

SIRE: Gunnatrashya
DAM: Sdp Fashion Step

Lot 18 - Greyt Afternoon (Gordon)

SIRE: Greyt Whiz
DAM: Custom Red Berry

Lot 19 - Sophisicated Catalpa (Teddy)

SIRE: Sophisticated Catt
DAM: Justa Catalpa

Lot 20 - DS Doc Money (Money)

SIRE: DS Smoke Money
DAM: Quixote Windsong

Lot 21 - Shiine (Buzz)

SIRE: One Time Pepto
DAM: Shiners Eva

Lot 22 - Smoke In The Skyline (Smoke Stack)

SIRE: Three Dee Skyline
DAM: Dixie Slide

Lot 23 - Xtra Electric Wimp (Shrimp)

SIRE: Wimpys Little Step
DAM: Electrinicki

Lot 24 - Ub A Stylin Mobster

SIRE: Hf Mobster
DAM: Ub Stylin With Me

Lot 25 - Surprise Chic Magnet (Romeo)

SIRE: Magnum Chic Dream
DAM: Jerrys Surprise

Lot 26 - Shinethegunatnite (Buttercup)

SIRE: Gunners Special Nite
DAM: A Shiney Lena

Lot 27 - Real Smooth Buy (Soda)

SIRE: A Smooth Guy
DAM: Tadah Lynx

Lot 28 - Plenty Peps Solano (Solano)

SIRE: Blue Is Plenty
DAM: Peps Lady Solano

Lot 29 - Uptown Shine (P) (Bruno)

SIRE: Shine Chic Shine
DAM: Pea Shooter (P)

Lot 30 - On Time One Time (Rolex)

SIRE: One Time Pepto
DAM: Desires Cat

Lot 31 - Cee Heart Blue Max (Max)

SIRE: Doubleman Rowdy
DAM: Cee Heart Epic Star

Lot 32 - Strait Slver Heaven (Tango)

SIRE: Strait Slver Classic
DAM: Playguns From Heaven

Lot 33 - Gunners Special Nic (Sniper)

SIRE: Gunners Special Nite
DAM: Hollynic

Lot 34 - Steppin Up Willy (Levi)

SIRE: Just Call Me Willy
DAM: Ac Triple Prunes

Lot 36 - Mr Smart Patch (Patch)

SIRE: Chic N Patch
DAM: Cuatros Work Of Art

Lot 37 - Texan Royal Cat (Tex)

SIRE: One Cupa Cats
DAM: Royals Texan

Lot 38 - Shiners Little Cat (Cisco)

SIRE: Starlight Shiner
DAM: Cats Little Black

Lot 39 - Shine Man Shine (Boss)

SIRE: Shine Chic Shine
DAM: HA Olynnas Chairman

Lot 40 - Nite Time Affair (Freckles)

SIRE: Gunners Special Nite
DAM: Our Major Affair

Lot 41 - WR Smooth Four (Razor)

SIRE: WR Smooth Whiskey
DAM: Four Maggie

Lot 42 - Beau Black Jack (Black Jack)

SIRE: Osu Kerowac Jack
DAM: Bjs Final Legacy

Lot 43 - Another Dunit Legacy (Lego)

SIRE: Brennas Golden Dunit
DAM: Montaboys Legacy

Lot 44 - Deacon Jim Miller (Preacher)

SIRE: Halreycious
DAM: Hissy Cat

Lot 45 - Chicout My Splash (Splash)

SIRE: Chicoutmyblingbling
DAM: Liljewels Revolution

Lot 46 - Texas Metal (Houston)

SIRE: Metallic Cat
DAM: Show Me Twice

Lot 47 - Leo Dual Pep (Hercules)

SIRE: Cut N Dry Doc
DAM: Dual Chiclet

Lot 48 - Redford Blue Bonanza (Sunny)

SIRE: Redfords Dun Dude
DAM: Blue Bonanza Gal

Lot 49 - Hollywood Chet Bug (Chet)

SIRE: Hollywood Gunslinger
DAM: DB Lil Eddy Lu

Lot 50 - Gunnn Runner

SIRE: Facebook Me
DAM: Invitemeforromance

Lot 51 - Whatever Ware Ever (Rocky)

SIRE: Rockin W
DAM: Readytoware

Lot 52 - Shines Stylin Star (Star)

SIRE: Shine Chic Shine
DAM: Spooks Stylin

Lot 53 - Blackburns Smokn Jax (Jaxson)

SIRE: Blue Isle Blackburn
DAM: Cremello Rose

Lot 54 - SC Guys Like Tosmoke (French Fry)

SIRE: Frenchmans Guy
DAM: Skylers Birthday

Lot 55 - Blue Flash 09 (Dakota)

SIRE: Vo Blu Goose Drift
DAM: Lr Sugars Flash 09

Lot 56 - WC Roostas Rainman (Denny)

SIRE: Roosta
DAM: WC Colonels Rainy

Lot 57 - Highbrow Spook (Hershey)

SIRE: Jazarell Cat
DAM: Spook Proof

Lot 58 - Wrangle The Freckles (Rooster)

SIRE: Roosters Wrangler
DAM: Flips Lady Montana

Lot 59 - Gunnys Big Magic (Sonny)

SIRE: Gunnysbigenterprise
DAM: A Magic Enterprise

Lot 60 - Hunky Tonk Cat (Tonka)

SIRE: Palo Duro Cat
DAM: Real Hunky Tonk Lady

Lot 61 - Peptos Siolena Nubar (Rojo)

SIRE: Peptos Pretty Pep
DAM: Si Olenas Nu Bar

Lot 62 - Merdas Blue Rey (Blue Rey)

SIRE: Must Be A Pepto
DAM: Gsw Poco Peppy

Lot 63 - Jazzs Lil Boon (Jazz)

SIRE: Once In A Blu Boon
DAM: Jazzs Little Joy

Lot 64 - Takeadeepseat (Jax)

SIRE: Metallic Cat
DAM: Sdp Moms Tr

Lot 65 - Cash Dusty Drift (Junior)

SIRE: Bl Dashin Zeke
DAM: Cash Peppy Drift

Lot 66 - Star Blu Kat Hancock (Azul)

SIRE: Blue Kat Hancock
DAM: Papoose Star Hancock

Lot 67 - Dusters First Dandy (Ace)

SIRE: Romans Duster
DAM: Brown Pepper Hancock

Lot 68 - Buck Chip (Peanut)

SIRE: Gs Buck Cody
DAM: Peps Tater Chip

Lot 69 - Skin Game (Tag)

SIRE: Tinsel Jac
DAM: Freckle Bar Minnick

Lot 70 - Out of Sale


Lot 71 - PR Hancock Red John (Red)

SIRE: John Hancock Jr
DAM: Blue Double 003

Lot 72 - Cnf Lena Jacs Way (Twinkie)

SIRE: Ceda Lena
DAM: Allthegoldnhollywood

Lot 73 - Eyes To The Maker (P) (Mickey)

SIRE: Chex Rooster
DAM: Rose Deelivery (P)

Lot 74 - Playin Cats (Romeo)

SIRE: Playin Stylish
DAM: Cats Tiara

Lot 75 - Rbar High Boonlight (Dutton)

SIRE: Cougarsblueboonlight
DAM: Av High Sugar

Lot 76 - Rocket Shining Star (Shiner)

SIRE: Shiners Dew
DAM: Cheri Okemah Star

Lot 77 - DJS Rhinestone Blue (Joe)

SIRE: Blue Eddie Array
DAM: Jos Rhinestone

Lot 78 - Tfr Mr Aristo (Mr.)

SIRE: Dualin Olena
DAM: Shesaristo

Lot 79 - Peptos Silver Tyme (Pitchfork)

SIRE: Nows The Tyme
DAM: Savannahs Silver Gun

Lot 80 - Lil Cowboy P-6360 (Smokey)

SIRE: Cowboy Triplecolonel
DAM: Quarter Pony (G)

Lot 81 - Ima Spirit Mac (Cooper)

SIRE: Harlan Twoeyed Spirt
DAM: Primrose Josey May

Lot 82 - KK Pistol Peppy (Rugger)

SIRE: KK Doc Cody
DAM: Jls Special Freckle


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